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Providing personalized consultation for healthy living based upon our clients’ genetic makeup

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optimal diet, supplementation, and lifestyle for healthy living

Unlock Your Genetic Superpowers

We are all unique, and our body's genetics are no different.  When we know what our body needs, we can learn to give it what it needs and also avoid what doesn't work well for us personally.  We help you do just that so you have the knowledge to live your best, healthiest life.

Our Process

We use state of the art genetic labs to identify particular genetic markers to determine what medications and foods your body needs and what you should avoid.  Our simple process includes a quick consultation, some lab work, and a follow-up visit to go over your results and recommendations.

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Individualized Health

Start the journey of unlocking your genetic superpowers today

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Specialized Licensed Pharmacists

Get information to help determine your optimal diet, supplementation, and lifestyle for healthy living.  If you are on prescription medications, you will also receive counseling on which medications are optimal for overall health from a licensed pharmacist.